LaaS Simplified

Service Overview

LED lighting and retrofitting projects are considered one of today’s most lucrative capital investments. They have the ability to significantly reduce operational costs and provide some of the best ROIs.

Environ Partners consultants are trained to conduct lighting audits that investigate building architecture, fixtures, bulbs, lighting levels, energy consumption, employee productivity, budgets, futuristic opportunities and ROIs.

Why LaaS?

Better Equipment

Improve the quality and efficiency of your lighting

More Control

Increase productivity and staff comfort while still saving energy by managing your lighting levels

Less Stress

We ensure you never have to worry about the performance and maintenance of your lighting system

Ongoing Service

We monitor and ensure the system provides the optimum energy savings continually

Energy Saving Investment Planning

Now you can reap the benefits of a lighting upgrade with LEDs without a CapEx investment or debt through Lighting-as-a-Service. One monthly payment ensures facilities are well-lit and the quality is maintained.

A Win-Win Solution

Reduce your monthly energy bill without spending any of your own capital. Our Lighting-As-A-Service is paid entirely through the savings your lighting upgrade creates, while still creating a positive cash fow for your facility each month



Savings Without the Hassle, Investment or Debt

Single Bundled Payment

Single Bundled Payment

Single monthly payments cover the use of the equipment, maintenance, and ongoing servicing.

Managed Energy Solutions

Managed Energy Solutions

Maintenance and monitoring of your LEDs performance is included in your contract. Let OUS Capital give you the best technology for a hassle and debt free lighting experience.

Pay with Savings & Maintenance

Pay with Savings & Maintenance

Use the energy savings generated by your Lighting As-A-Service upgrade to pay for your ongoing service and stay cash flow positive every month.

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