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Environ Partners can conduct lighting audits that investigate building architecture, fixtures, bulbs, lighting levels, energy consumption, employee productivity, budgets, futuristic opportunities, energy consumption, and ROIs.

We will determine your objectives such as:

  • Are you interested in improving the productivity of your employees?
  • Do you want your lighting to be brighter or softer?
  • Are you interested in lighting controls like occupancy sensors, timers, wireless control, and monitoring mechanisms?
  • Do you need LED lighting in areas where you do not currently have it?
  • Are you are interested in lowering your energy cost?
Our Expert Team

Our Experts

Our consultants are leading experts in project planning and management. Whether the project is a new build or a retrofit, our experts have the experience required to help develop industry leading master plans. These plans detail how to achieve project goals and maintain budgets within desired milestones. Our turnkey consultants can assist in managing projects from inception to completion. Quality assurance and control strategies are implemented to prevent cost overruns and delays.

Our consultants also understand the impact of innovative technology solutions. These controls and IoT solutions ensure our clients’ lighting levels are optimized for employee productivity, energy consumption, seasonal and environmental factors, natural lighting, and more. The collection of real data makes it possible for systems to be continuously monitored and regulated for optimal performance.

Lighting Project Financing is Available. Contact us today for more information.

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