Mercedes Benz Superdome

Super Rowl XLVII- Lighting

Mercedes-Benz Superdome


The Environ team set out to provide measurement and verification for an ESCO project at the New Orleans Superdome. This project had various unique qualites. From temperature sensor installments for the NFL, to measure the temperature and humidity at each level of the Superdome (7 levels), to the installment of 128 meters, and 40 nodes all humming away seamlessly on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s public Wi-Fi.

Utilizing Environ EMP, facility engineers now have access to relevant power data and have taken charge of energy costs by moving from fixed energy to variable energy cost.

With energy data readily available through the Environ cloud-based software, building engineers are now able to control peak energy demand and consumption. Alarms are automatically sent via text message, SMS, and email notifying engineers to take corrective action as the facility approaches peak energy demand, reducing energy costs.

Environ EMP was also able to identify and pinpoint voltage reduction previously unknown to facility engineers. This voltage reduction created a strain on equipment essential to the operation of the facilities. With indisputable evidence, the power provider implemented changes and now supply the arena with the services required.

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